Osomatsu-san English Dub Cast Announced at Anime Weekend Atlanta

Initially released in 2015, Osomatsu-san easily gained its popularity in the anime world because of the wacky comedy of the identical sextuplets. And because of its worldwide success, it seems like the western would like to introduce the sextuplets to the community.

During the event at Anime Weekend Atlanta last Saturday, Viz Media has revealed the English dub cast for Osomatsu-san anime series. Here is the complete cast of the English version of Osomatsu-san.

Osomatsu-san English Dub Cast

  • Billy Kametz as Osomatsu
  • Chris Niosi as Choromatsu
  • Michael Sinterniklaas as Jyushimatsu
  • Kyle McCarley as Ichimatsu
  • Ray Chase as Karamatsu
  • Max Mittleman as Todomatsu

Viz Media managed to grab the contract for the digital streaming, home video, and other legal rights for the Osomatsu-san anime series. No release date for the English dubbed of the anime series has been revealed yet.

By Earl Stewart

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