Overkill's The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead Hits 12k Concurrent Players During Its Launch

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is one of the most awaited game this year. The hype for the game started when the developer first released a teaser trailer of the game last year.

Now that it’s already out, did players got what they wanted? According to the official steam page of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, the feedback for the game is totally divided. 52% of the players who played the game says that it was s good while the remaining 48% leaves negative feedback and expressed their dissatisfaction. As of writing, the game got a rating of 6/10 on Steam and based on Google’s approval rating, 77% liked Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

While the feedback from the fanbase is a little bit disappointing, Overkill said that the launch was a blast and successful. According to them, the game hits 12,000 concurrent players during its launch last November 6th.

“Thank you all for an exciting launch day! We’ve really enjoyed watching you stream and play the game.” Overkill stated. “We’ve reached up to 12 thousand concurrent players! It’s been a blast. And we’ve only just got started after all.”

Along with the reveal, the developer also released the first patch for Overkill’s The Walking Dead that mainly focused on the UI and settings, levels, and some codes to fix some reported issues for the game.

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By William King

King is a former employee of an IT company in Canada. He now works on their family business. He also loves gaming and writing.