Panzer Corps 2

Panzer Corps 2 Patch 2 on April 8th, Changelog Breakdown Here

Developer Flashback Games has rolled out Panzer Corps 2 patch 2 bringing hotfixes on multiplayer features and more.

The Panzer Corps 2 update 2 can now be downloaded today, April 8, 2020, on Steam. If you haven’t launched the game yet, you will be automatically downloading the update once you lunch the Steam app or the game.

Apart from the multiplayer mode fixes, the new Panzer Corps patch also brings more language localization, stability, and performance upgrade. You can check the full update changelog below.

Panzer Corps 2 Patch 2 Notes


  • Added French, Polish and Portuguese localizations
  • Updated Chinese and Russian localizations
  • The game will now display localized hex names over the map and in the UI (will not work with old saves)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few more random crashes
  • Fixed crashes when working with “Lost Units” list
  • Fixed crash when repeatedly pressing Esc in briefings
  • Fixed crash when starting a new random map
  • Fixed autosaves and ironman saves which could be created with wrong state (inactive “End Turn” button etc.)
  • Fixed attacks sometimes “unsuppressing” units without dealing damage
  • Fixed aircraft getting an initiative bonus when attacking from close terrain hex
  • Fixed ambushed units attacking the ambusher even if they normally cannot attack such unit
  • Fixed bug where attacking unit did not lose attack action if it did not have a chance to shoot in the combat it initiated
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of negative suppression between combat phases
  • Fixed aircraft spotting in cloudy weather
  • Fixed spotting bug when a unit retreated
  • Fixed weather forecast icon after loading a save
  • Fixed “Anti-tank Veteran” and “Anti-infantry Veteran” awards for aircraft
  • Fixed wrong strength when giving overstrength to prototype units
  • Fixed the problem with “Retrograde” player trait where available units disappeared earlier than they should
  • Fixed the problem with “Slow Modernization” player trait where transport upgrade and overstrength was impossible after 3 unit upgrades
  • Fixed replacements of deployed units during Deployment Phase (no longer limited by 50% of unit’s max strength)
  • Fixed scrolling in Event Log (History section of Unit Details)
  • Fixed “gamma correction” setting
  • Fixed some maps where embarked transports could not leave the port


  • Improved Landscape Tessellation implementation. Now, even with Tessellation off the game (in particular, rivers) should look decent.
  • Added new setting to Options->Video: “Landscape Geometry”. It can be used to further reduce GPU load on weaker hardware, or (at a higher setting) used as an alternative to tessellation, which might be faster on some machines.


  • Stats panel now shows actual move points instead of max
  • River hexes now show “Vulnerable Position” and “Blocks Supply” icons in terrain panel
  • Combat log viewer (opened with L hotkey) will now include logs for all predictions visible on the screen when it’s invoked
  • In Options->Video “Save” button is only required to change window mode and resolution. All other options are applied instantly.


  • Fixed crashes which occurred when loading existing games (some old games can still have problems, but new games started with 1.0.8 should not have them)
  • Fixed several issues causing the players to go out of sync in online MP
  • Fixed password protection not working for random maps
    – Minsk map now allows simultaneous movement
  • Small balance fix in Steel vs. Steamroller scenario

Panzer Corps 2 is available on PC via Steam.

By Earl Stewart

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