Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO 3rd Community Day Featuring Bulbasaur Was a Success

On March 25th, the third Pokemon GO Community Day has happened where it featured the Pokemon Bulbasaur along with its shiny form, 3bonus XP, and 3-hour lure module span.

The Bulbasaur Community Day was a success all around the world, and fans from across the different places shared their experience of the event. We have decided to collect some photos of them and here’s what we got.

Troisdorf, Germany

Torino, Italy

New Delhi, India

Bergen, Norway

Oulu, Finland

Birstonas, Lithuania

Heaton, England

Seville, Spain

Ottawa, Canada

Good job trainers and get ready for the fourth Pokemon GO Community Day event. As of this moment, there is still no details about what will be the featured Pokemon next month, but there are rumors that Charmander will be the featured Pokemon. Are you excited to see a black Charizard?

By Christian West

Gamer, blogger and a co-owner of Game N Guides. I am currently on my journey to craft the best armor and weapon in Monster Hunter World.