Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO 4th Community Day Event Features Mareep with Special Move and In-game Bonuses On April 15th

Following the featured Bulbasaur with Frenzy Plant last March 25th, Pokemon GO Community Day event will be featuring Mareep equipped with a special move, one fourth egg hatching distance, and 3-hour span of lure modules on April 15.

Mareep is an electric type Pokemon that can be evolved into a strong Ampharos. Electric type Pokemon are usually weak against ground type Pokemon but are strong against another electric, flying, and steel type Pokemon.

Similar to the previous Community Day featured Pokemon announcement, the special move is not yet known. Unlike the 3rs Community Day, the next event will be featuring 1/4 egg hatch distance, which means trainers can hatch an egg on a smaller distance.

For the shiny form of Mareep, we still don’t have any information that we can share right now. But in our guess, Niantic also be releasing the shiny form of Mareep just like what they did in the previous Pokemon GO Community Day event.

In addition to the announcement, Niantic has also revealed the result of the previous Community Day event. According to the result, Team Mystic got the number 1 spot, followed by Team Valor, and Team Instinct.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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