Pokemon GO 4th Community Day Features Mareep with Special Move Dragon Pulse


Pokemon GO Community Day event has brought a positive feedback to the community since its successful start last January 2018. Now that it’s April, many Pokemon GO fans will be getting Mareep as the featured Pokemon along with its special move and its shiny form.

Just over a week away, the fourth Pokemon GO Community Day will begin. Niantic has revealed that Mareep evolution can receive a special move Dragon Pulse. Which means Ampharos can have this move during the 3-hour time frame event.

The 4th Pokemon GO Community Day event is taking place on April 15th. Aside from the featured Pokemon Mareep, fans will also receive in-game bonuses including 1/4 egg hatch distance and 3-hour span of Lure Modules.

As for the shiny form of the next featured Pokemon, there’s always a chance that we can get it. This is the 4th Community Day event and the last 3 events come along with the shiny version of the featured Pokemon.

You still have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming Community Day, so make sure to write down the important things that need to be done before the 4th Community Day starts.

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