Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Announces Generation 4 Pokemon Is Coming Soon

Following the series of rumored release of Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, Niantic has officially announced that Generation 4 is finally coming to Pokemon GO.

There is no release date yet, however, Generation 4 Pokemon already got a teaser trailer for their arrival. As of writing, the only thing we got is the sneak peak of the Generation 4 Pokemon.

In the Generation 4 video teaser, you can see the figure of Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig. And at the end of the video, you will also see a glimpse of Giratina’s eyes lighting up in red, which is likely it will become one of the new Raids in Pokemon GO.

In addition to the Generation 4 announcement, Niantic has also revealed that there will be major changes and balancing in the next update. This includes adjustments in CP, HP, other Pokemon stats, migration, and more.

By Samantha Hubble

An ambitious Electronics engineer in the making. You can usually find her at the library or at the bedroom playing her favorite game Pokemon Sun and Moon. She's currently based in Japan for her internship.