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Pokemon GO Beldum Community Day Event Exclusive Move Revealed

While most of the fans are waiting for another news about the Generation 4 Pokemon, Niantic has revealed the exclusive move for Beldum for the upcoming Pokemon GO Community Day event.

This month’s Community Day will kick off on October 21 and during the three-hour period of the event, evolved Metang will be able to learn a powerful move called Meteor Mash.

Alongside the exclusive move is the 3-hour span of lure modules and lesser distance to hatch an egg. And similar to the previous Community Day events, expect to see the shiny form of the featured Pokemon.

Beldum Community Day
Beldum Community Day

Beldum Community Day was initially leaked last month after a Redditor shared a photo of Beldum cover found from the official website. However, the background photo of the leaked Beldum Community Day event was changed into what we have right now.

Similarly, Meteor Mash was also initially discovered last month by Chrales who is a popular Pokemon GO data miner. Although the move did not go live after his discovery, it will become soon available in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO Gen 4 Release

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go has been constantly teasing their fans by releasing screenshots of some Generation 4 Pokemon on their social media account. In the past few days, Pokemon Go Twitter account has shared a three sneak peek photo of the upcoming Pokemon. While there is still no official release date of the Gen 4 Pokemon, it’s pretty obvious that they will be coming very soon in the game.

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