Pokemon GO Data Mine Reveals Jirachi Avatar Cosmetics

Pokemon GO Jirachi Cosmetic

Jirachi hasn’t arrived in Pokemon GO just yet but the recent Pokemon GO data mine shows the new Pokemon GO avatar cosmetics featuring the Mythical Jirachi.

Just a few hours ago, Niantic released a new Pokemon GO update. The new update fixes some of the game bugs and other issues. However, the main highlight is the appearance of the code that points to the new avatar cosmetic.

As posted over Reddit, this new update reveals the upcoming Jirachi avatar cosmetics. The new cosmetic will be available to both male and female characters and is expected to go live anytime soon.

We also got the initial look of the Wish Pokemon Jirachi avatar cosmetic. Thanks to Chrales, a popular Pokemon GO data miner for sharing the preview.

As of writing, this new avatar cosmetic is not yet live and Niantic is yet to announce this along with the arrival of the Mythical Pokemon Jirachi.