Pokemon GO Revenue Almost Hit $85 Million For The Month of September


With the series of new updates that Pokemon Go has received, it has been reported that the hottest mobile game earns almost $85 million for the month of September.

According to the¬†insights that were reported by Sensor Tower, Niantic’s Pokemon GO has increased its total download last month by 100%. In addition, they also revealed that Pokemon Go has made an estimated revenue of¬†$84.8 million for September.

Well, it was not that surprising if Pokemon Go made that digits. Last month, Niantic has released a series of updates. Not just an ordinary update but a big update that most of the players love.

Pokemon GO Gen 4 Release

And with the recent announcement from the developer about the release of the Generation 4 Pokemon to Pokemon Go, don’t be surprised if you found that its total revenue increased for just a month again.