Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO Safari Zone Event In Taiwan To Add Shiny Pinsir and Unown

Pokemon GO has announced another Safari Zone event happening in Tainan, Taiwan on November 1 to November 5 featuring spawn rate increase of Unown, Anorith, Shiny Pinsir, and more.

The brand new Pokemon GO Safari Zone event will be held at Tainan Metropolitan Park and Chimei Museum.

Throughout the event, Pokemon Go players will be able to encounter spawn rate increase of rare Pokemon including  Relicanth, Unown, Anorith, Bagon, Swablu, and Pinsir.

In addition, Niantic will finally introduce the shiny Pinsir in Pokemon Go. This Safari Zone event is free, and everyone is invited to participate in the event at Taiwan’s oldest City, Tainan.

By Amber Davis

Amber is a young self-published author with a perchance for writing gaming related contents. When she's not writing or studying she's playing her favorite game Super Mario.