Cheating in games like Pokemon GO is not a new thing for many players, however, be warned that Niantic just rolled out a new security update that will be focusing on tracking Pokemon GO spoofers and cheaters.

The new security update has been implemented on their server and does not require an app update. That being said, Pokemon GO players who are using GPS spoofing app on both iOS and Android devices may want to think twice of using spoofers this time.

Niantic is known for mass banning suspected accounts and if you’re using any spoofing app, you should know that your account is at risk. As written on the rules of Pokemon GO, developer Niantic is condemning the use of any third-party application such as GPS spoofing app.

As of writing, we still don’t have the exact list of affected GPS spoofing app on Android and iOS devices. So if you are using any spoofing app to play Pokemon GO, we highly recommend to immediately stop using it to keep your account safe.

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