Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Sleeping Snorlax Event Now Live

While fans are waiting for the upcoming Slakoth Community Day, Niantic has released a two-day event featuring Snorlax with an exclusive move.

For a limited time, Pokemon GO players will be able to frequently encounter a Snorlax in the wild. Unlike a normal Snorlax that you can be caught in a normal day, the Snorlax that players that will be encountering during the event are sleeping, making it easier to catch.

In addition to the sleeping Snorlax feature, Niantic has also confirmed that the Snorlax caught during the event period will have a chance to learn the exclusive move Yawn. If you’re wondering if the Snorlax will remain sleeping after getting captured, the answer is no. Right after you caught a sleeping Snorlax, it will be awake and ready to help you with any battle.

Pokemon GO Snoozing Snorlax event will be available starting today, May 28th, until June 3rd at 1:00 PM.

By Samantha Hubble

An ambitious Electronics engineer in the making. You can usually find her at the library or at the bedroom playing her favorite game Pokemon Sun and Moon. She's currently based in Japan for her internship.