Pokemon GO Version 0.123.1 Officially Added Gen 4 Pokemon In The Game


Just a few days ago, Niantic has announced that Gen 4 Pokemon from the Sinnoh region is coming soon in Pokemon GO. And to maintain the phase of the excitement of their fans, the latest update officially added the Gen 4 in the data of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon GO version 0.123.1 data mine reveals that all the 107 Pokemon from the Sinnoh region are now available in Pokemon GO. That’s right, starting from the three starters up to the Legendary Pokemon¬†Arceus.

Pokemon GO Gen 4 Release

Alongside with this addition, Gen 4 badges and Pokedex is also ready to roll out. It’s that just we have to wait for Niantic to toggle the switch button.

Apart from the Generation 4 Pokemon, Meltan’s possible evolution has also been found in the data mine. As previously reported, Melten’s Pokedex number is 891, and while there is no confirmation yet, Pokedex #892 has been added.

Pokemon GO Mythical Meltan Research

The mystery box that was also mentioned during the Meltan announcement yesterday has also become available in Pokemon Go.