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Pokemon GO Water Festival 2018 May Feature New Gen 3 Water Type Pokemon and More Shinies

On March 22 is the World Water Day, and just like before, Niantic may be hosting another global Pokemon GO Water Festival event that may bring new Generation 3 Water-type Pokemon and more shinies. There is still no official announcement from Niantic about this, but looking to Niantic’s event pattern, there’s a big chance that we gonna witness another event this month.

Last year, the first Pokemon GO Water Festival event went live on March 22 to March 29, 2017, featuring the increased spawn rate of Water-type Pokemon including Squirtle, Totodile, Magikarp and more. During the event, Pokemon GO fans successfully caught a total of 589 million Magikarp. But that event was last year and most of the fans caught the Larpas or a Shiny Magikarp.

That being said, Niantic may release another Pokemon GO Water Festival event, but this time fans may be seeing new Generation 3 Water-type Pokemon and new shiny forms. As we all know, there are still lots of Gen 3 Pokemon that are still missing in the game, and we think this event is the perfect time for Niantic to release some of the missing Pokemon which may include Clamperl, Huntail, and Gorebyss.

Aside from the Water Festival Event last year, Niantic also released the Spring Equinox two days before the World Water Day. Meaning, there’s a chance that Pokemon GO will be getting Regional Rotation and two events in just 3 days!

In addition to the mentioned events above, there will be a Community Day event on March 25 featuring Bulbasaur and some in-game bonuses. Until an official announcement, make sure to stock-up your PokeBalls and aboard the hype train!

By Christian West

Gamer, blogger and a co-owner of Game N Guides. I am currently on my journey to craft the best armor and weapon in Monster Hunter World.