Pokemon GO x One Piece Special Crossover Event, Niantic Announced

To celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the top hit manga by Eiichiro Oda, Niantic has announced Pokemon GO x One Piece crossover event. That being said, the special crossover event will begin from July 22nd until July 29th.

During the event, Pokemon GO will be bringing the popular straw hat of Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. A wild Pikachu wearing a straw hat will be spotted in the wild and straw hat cosmetics will also be available in the shop.

Pokemon GO Straw Hat Avatar
Pokemon GO Straw Hat Avatar

In addition, the event has been made possible due to the anime’s participation to support the reconstruction of the Kumamoto City in Japan that was previously hit by an earthquake a few years ago.

It’s not the first time for Pokemon GO to join and held an event for a cause. In the past, Pokemon GO has also held an exclusive event in Japan to help the development of some places that were hit by disasters.

With the huge number of fans of One Piece and Pokemon GO players, it is expected that the event is a success.