Fortnite PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG Considers Removing The Red Zone Feature If Players Keep Insisting

Brendan Greene said during the recent interview that if the outpouring hate towards the Red Zone continues, they might consider removing it from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in the near future.

Since the release of the game, the Red Zone is one of the most annoying features in PUBG. Most of the fans are still unaware of the relative utility and the randomness of the Red Zone. Although many players are contented with the feature and just ignore them during the event, some are still confused and irritated of the Red Zone.

According to the video game designer Brendan, the reason why the Red Zone exists is to bring more strategic gameplay. Red Zone allows players to quietly hide their sounds from their enemies. Moreover, according to Brendan, “if you die from the Red Zone, I am sorry, but you are not a very good player”.

Red Zone is another feature of PUBG that players can take advantage. However, there are still the number of players who consider Red Zone is too much for the game, making it even harder with the automatic reduction of the battle zone.

Due to the series of reports and disappointment from many players around the world, Brendan Green is considering to take down Red Zone, only if players continue to hate this feature. Meaning, if players take a massive action and continue to tell how much they hate the Red Zone, the feature will be removed immediately from the game in the next updates.

Bluehole is still in the process of reviving the game due to the massive decline of active users playing the game. The downfall of the game happened because of the competition between PUBG and Fortnite Battle Royale who previously surpassed PUGB’s revenue.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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