PUBG Mobile v0.5.0 Adds Miramar Map and New Vehicles and Weapons


New season, new update. PUBG Mobile has released a new update featuring the new desert map called Miramar and adding new vehicles and weapons along with the start of Season 2. PUBG Mobile fans can now update their game to the latest version on both iOS and Android devices.

In addition to the new map, vehicles, and weapons, PUBG Mobile version 0.5.0 also added new missions to complete to earn a reward each time a player reaches a new level, and also the addition of weekly Activity assignments. Completing each task will earn even more rewards.

The new update also brings the PUBG Shop where players can explore and buy specific clothing and accessories to pump up their characters, along with the Secret Stach that will give players a special discounted items.

Season 2 update also brings the Local Quick Teams feature where players can easily join the party of a friend that is beside you. Another highlight of the update is the language-specific chat box, which aims for a well-organized squad search and community talks.


PUBG Mobile v0.5.0 is now available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so make sure to click that update button to get these new features. If you want to check the full update changelog, just visit this link.