Respawn Entertainment Announced A New Weapon For Apex Legends


Released just a few weeks ago, Respawn Entertainment has announced that a new weapon is coming to Apex Legends tomorrow.

Revealed on the official Twitter account, players will be able to get a hand to the new weapon starting on February 21st. While we still don’t have the complete details of the new weapon, the developer has shared a video preview of the weapon in action.

As captioned on the video, it seems like the new weapon is called Havoc, an energy type weapon which fits to be an assault rifle or light machine gun. We only got to see a very short preview of the weapon and it appears that it also features the alt-fire mode.

Digging more about the Havoc, it actually appeared in the cinematic trailer of Apex Legends while being used by Pathfinder. If you think that’s all that we’ve got, also managed to dig in the database and also discovered that this rifle also exists.

This new weapon is set to release tomorrow, so if you’re looking forward to trying this, make sure to set an alarm once the new patch releases.