Shiny Pokemon Spotted In Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza 2018


Niantic has added a new batch of shiny Pokemon along with the new Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza Event 2018. Credits to the Pokemon GO data miner Chrales who discovered that the new Shiny Pokemon were being spotted in the Pokemon GO network traffic.

Just a few days ago, Chrales has also uncovered this Eggstravaganza 2018 event just before Niantic make an announcement about it. In addition to the featured in-game bonuses, there’s a possibility that these newly discovered shiny baby Pokemon will also be released during the Eggstravaganza event.

Here are the new sprites that have been added to Pokemon GO app

  • Shiny Magby
  • Shiny Magmar
  • Shiny Togepi
  • Shiny Togetic
  • Shiny Male Wobbuffet
  • Shiny Female Wobbuffet

Although there’s nothing special with these new Shiny Pokemon aside from its rarity, we are expecting that the release of these will give us a sign for the introduction of the Generation 4 Pokemon.

Once the Generation 4 starts to rolls out, Pokemon GO players will have the chance to access stronger evolution from these Shiny Pokemon such as Togekiss and Magmortar. So if you want to get a rare strong Pokemon from Generation 4, make sure to catch these new shinies during the event.