Someone Breaks The Current World High Score Record In Donkey Kong

The current world record high score in Donkey Kong has been beaten by the previous world record high score holder.

Following its record-breaking high score in Donkey Kong a few months ago, Robbie Lakeman has surpassed his own high score record in Donkey Kong. The old and current high score record is 1,230,100 that he reached last December 2017 that was only verified yesterday.

Yes, it was only verified yesterday but last Friday during his three-hour and 49-minute live stream on Twitch, Lakeman sets his new high score that reached 1,247,700.  In 2016, Wes Copeland set a world record of 1.2 million high score.

As of now, Twin Galaxies disassembled and currently examining Lukeman’s high score. There’s still a pending world high score record holder in 2010 where Billy Mitchell, the high-scorer, has been accused of using a modified version of the game instead of the real one.

Twin Galaxies has not yet issued a ruling on Mitchell’s score of 1,062,800, set July 31, 2010; he’s accused of setting the mark on an emulator instead of playing a standard cabinet. The score is the 12th highest all-time, but Mitchell’s long-time notoriety — he has been competing for high scores on arcade games since the early 1980s — and status as the antagonist in the 2007 documentary, make his performances noteworthy. His high-score rivalry with Steve Wiebe, also featured in the film, was overtaken by Hank Chien in 2012, and all three were supplanted by Lakeman and Copeland in the years since.


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