Sony Starts Inviting People For The PS4 Name Change Beta

Following the recent PS4 firmware update 6.02 a few days ago, Sony has started sending invites to people for the PS4 Name Change feature beta on Firmware 6.10.

PS4 Firmware 6.10 is the upcoming system update that includes the PSN name change feature.

As reported on Resetera, Sony has started rolling out the invitations to select PS4 users to test the upcoming feature. While we’re still far from version 6.10, it’s good to see that Sony has already made its move to test the most requested feature in their system.

PSN Name Change Feature Invites
PSN Name Change Feature Invites

If you’re wondering how to be part of the beta testing, you have to be part of the previous PS4 firmware beta testing. Meaning, if you don’t take part in the previous feature testing on PS4, you will have to wait until next year to use the PSN name change feature.

As previously reported, features during the beta testing will be limited. However, participants will be able to change name as many as they want during the beta period. In addition, PSN name change is only available on some select games.

By Amber Davis

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