Sony’s PlayStation Classic Uses Emulator Once Used For Pirating PS1 Games

Sony’s PlayStation Classic is set to launch on December 3rd offering a wide range of PS1 classic games. This is Sony’s response to Nintendo’s retro consoles.

And while we’re waiting for its official release, staffs at Kotaku has discovered that the upcoming PlayStation Classic is running the games using an open source emulator called PCSX ReArmed. PCSX emulator is a software made to run classic games made for PlayStation on the PC. Back in the days, PCSX is the most popular PS1 game emulator.

PCSX Emulator
PCSX Emulator

The discovery is a bit of irony that the PCSX used to run multiple pirated games of PS1 was selected by Sony to run the games for the PlayStation Classic. It’s also a bit funny that Sony is using an open-source software to emulate their games, while Nintendo allotted time and effort to develop their own emulator to run games on NES Classic.

Emulators are basically not illegal. What makes these emulators illegal is how they function. One best example that we have is the PCSX emulator for PC. It’s still out there and you can get it for free. So, are you still planning to get the PlayStation Classic console next month?

By Amber Davis

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