Spider-Man (PS4) Turf Wars DLC Is Due Next Week; New DLC Trailer Released

The second part of Spider-Man The City That Never Sleeps DLC series is coming out next week. Turf Wars is second announced DLC of Spider-Man, following the steps of Black Cat in The Heist that was released last month.

Turf Wars will be featuring another villain in the game. This time, Hammerhead will be bursting the city and with Yuri Watanabe’s help, taking down Hammerhead will be smoother. Hammerhead’s crew is using the leftover equipment from the Sable International to cause the ruckus in the city.

Similar to The Heist DLC, Turf Wars also comes with three new spider suits. One of the most requested iron suits is finally coming in this DLC. Spider-Armor MKI, Spider-Clan, and Iron Spider Armor along with a new set of missions, challenges, and trophies are coming next week.

Spider-Man Turf Wars Suits
Spider-Man Turf Wars Suits

While the season pass which includes all the three Spider-Man DLC only costs $24.99, purchasing this Turf Wars DLC will cost you $9.00. Turf Wars is coming out on November 20, 2018.

Check out the Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC trailer below.