While everyone is busy and enjoying the current event happening right now, Team GO Rocket leader Giovanni has also been spotted participating the Pokemon GO Fest 2019.

As reported by many Pokemon GO players around the world, Giovanni has started appearing on their screen while players are using GO Snapshot. GO Snapshot is one of the newest features in Pokemon GO where players are allowed to take an awesome screenshot of a Pokemon in the real world. Giovanni isn’t the only one who photobombed the GO Snapshot, as some Pokemon including Smeargle also used to photobomb users.

Pokemon GO Giovanni

Team GO Rocket leader seems to do nothing but there’s a chance that he prepared another scheme to challenge the players. Previously, they have invaded all the PokeStops worldwide and also released Shadow Pokemon to guard the PokeStop. And with his appearance in Pokemon GO Fest 2019 event, are we going to see more Shadow Pokemon and new challenges?

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