The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead: Our World Missions Will Be Tied With The Walking Dead Series

With the return of The Walking Dead series for season 9, The Walking Dead: Our World developer Next Games has announced that they will be adding new missions that reflect the happenings on each episode of season 9.

Starting on October 8th, Our World players will start getting missions that are based on what happened from the previous episode that will be aired on October 7.

The Walking Dead Season 9

As a reward for completing all the given missions throughout the week, players will be able to receive amazing prizes in the game. In addition, Next Games has also reached out AMC to partner with them for the upcoming events of The Walking Dead series.

While there are no details for the mission coming out next week on The Walking Dead: Our World, fans are encouraged to watch the premiere night of The Walking Dead Season 9 to get some ideas of what’s coming in the game.

By William Harvey

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