Dead Island 2

THQ Nordic Confirmed That Dead Island 2 Is Not Canceled

Several years after the initial announcement in E3 2014, THQ Nordic has announced that Dead Island 2 is not canceled and they are still working on it.

Since the initial reveal of the sequel of the zombie game Dead Island, THQ Nordic has been silent when giving out information about the new game. Not only do we have no idea when will it be released, but the publisher has also kept their mouth shut about the topic.

While we know that Sumo Interactive Studio is the one assigned for the development, fans are still blocked about the progress of the game, whether it has been shut down or not. So, to clear things up, THQ Nordic has finally spoken and gave us some update about the Dead Island 2 game.

According to CEO Lars Wingefors, the Dead Island 2 project is not halted and confirmed that the game is still in development. It’s good news that Dead Island 2 development continues but unfortunately, we still got nothing about the details of the game.

With the upcoming release of the next gen consoles, don’t be surprised if you see Dead Island 2 being released next year. Check here to see the confirmation video.

By Kaitlyn Williams

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