Top Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Console For A PC

Should you sell your console for a PC? You hear it all the time in the gaming world that the PC is the way to go and it’s a superior platform for playing video games.

For intensive purposes, well, that’s accurate. But one of the biggest hurdles that people have to get over in order to make a switch is selling their consoles to get funds for a decent PC. While some people have enough money to get a console and a PC at the same time, some people have to sacrifice their console for a PC, and that was a pretty big decision to make. So today, we’re going to have a short discussion about why selling your console for a PC can actually be a good decision.

Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Console For A PC

Now first off, let’s start with the most obvious reason like the benefits of the PC.

Playing Online on a PC Is Totally Free

Most of the games that require subscriptions are MMO’s and what’s good news is that many of them are turning into free nowaways. 99% of PC games where you have to spent money is to buy the game itself and the remaining expenses are just optional.

Games Are Cheaper On The PC

This doesn’t count of the microtransactions that were optional and it’s only up to you if you want to get this microtransactions. Due to the fact that the PC is a much bigger digital market compared to the consoles, there is much less overhead for developers and publishers to cover for leading to the price of the games be cheaper.

This is also why Steam has ridiculous sales all the time and keep in mind that Steam is also completely free. 9 out of 10 will give you better deals than paid memberships like PSN and Xbox Live.

Better Online Gaming Experience

The PC also has a better quality online for gaming due to the fact that developers and users are connected on the same servers. While on a console, you probably experience the frustrations when PSN and Xbox Live went down. This doesn’t happen on PC since each game have their own individual intity.

Also, the PC is a noble platform where developers don’t have to ask Microsoft or Sony for permission to update, which means bugs and network issues can be fixed much quicker, although they always don’t, but even for outside gaming advantages, the PC has been a superior platform for gaming.

More Controller Options

If you’re a console gamer, then you probably know that you’re stuck with a single controller. While the market offers an option like driving wheel that can be used for racing games, PC offers much better feature than a console.

If you look at the current status of the console right now, all of the controllers available on the platform are also available on PC. But what does a PC make it more powerful? One best answer is the mouse and keyboard.

Easy To Upgrade

As time passes by, new games require more power in order to run smoothly. In PC, you can slowly upgrade the system just to meet the requirements of a game. Once you meet the minimum system requirements, you’re off to go. But on a console, some developers are restricting their games to lower devices.

By Samantha Hubble

An ambitious Electronics engineer in the making. You can usually find her at the library or at the bedroom playing her favorite game Pokemon Sun and Moon. She's currently based in Japan for her internship.