The Division 2

Ubisoft Chooses Epic Games Store Over Steam For The Division 2

Wondering where you can get Tom Clancy’s The Division 2? Ubisoft has revealed that the game will be available on Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Store, and select online retailers.

Earlier today, Ubisoft has revealed the official system requirements for The Division 2 along with the details where players can buy the game. According to the announcement, The Division 2 will be sold at the newest online shop Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Store, and select online retailers.

The Division 2 System Requirements

Interestingly, Ubisoft has been constantly selling their games on Steam, but with the release of Epic Games Store that offers a lower revenue share, the company did not hesitate to move out of Steam.

Epic Games Store was just released last December 2018 offering a lower revenue share for each game. Epic Games only take up to 12% cut of every sale, which is lower than the 30% revenue share of Steam.

Apart from The Division 2, some known game developers also decide to make their game available on Epic Games Store such as Skybound’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season and Saber Interactive’s World War Z.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is coming PC via Epic Games Store, PS4, and Xbox One on March 15, 2019.

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