Upcoming Switch Games File Sizes – Regalia, The Way Remastered, Etc


eShops has released more details of the upcoming games to the Nintendo Switch. These include Regalia, The Way Remastered, Super Chariot, Masters of Anima, and more.

Here’s the data size roundup for the new Switch games:

  • Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs – Royal Edition – 1.4GB
  • Firefighters – The Simulation – 775MB
  • The Way Remastered – 736MB
  • Firefighters: Airport Fire Department – 564MB
  • BAFL – Brakes Are For Losers – 512MB
  • Sumer – 440MB
  • #Breakforcist Battle – 393MB
  • Skies of Fury DX – 373MB
  • Octocopter: Double or Squids – 248MB
  • 12 orbits – 179MB
  • Splat the Fruit – 146MB
  • Rogue Aces – 125MB
  • Word Search by POWGI – 99MB

Source: Nintendo Switch eShop

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