Wargaming Has Released World of Tanks Version 1.0

Earlier today, the mind behind the popular World of Tanks has released a brand new update. Referred to as Update 1.0, the development team said that it is the biggest update of the game after almost eight years of running. The new update includes the new game graphics and remastered environment, maps, and vehicles.

According to the press release, Wargaming said that the PC version of World of Tanks is now running a new high-end graphics engine called Core.

Version 1.0 update includes the improved gameplay graphics, renovation of the environment and the introduction of the new map called Glacier.

In the recent interview with Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi, he said that “We were a little arrogant, let’s say, three years ago,”. “We were thinking we know everything that our players need without talking intensively to them ourselves. It turned into — I wouldn’t call it a disaster, but we hit the wall at some point.”

As we remember, Kislyi has acknowledged the mistakes that the team has done during the eight years in the industry, promised to be more adaptable and listening to the cries of their fans.

“This took years for us as a company to come to this understanding of this necessity [of this change], and to make it,” Victor Kislyi said.

World of Tanks 1.0 update is now available for free to all new and old players. To celebrate the release of update 1.0, Wargaming announced a two-week long event called Grand Extravaganza featuring in-game rewards and prizes.


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