The Farm 51 World War 3

World War 3 Early Access Starts Next Month

Upcoming multiplayer military FPS game World War 3 from The Farm 51 is getting its early access starting on October 19, 2018.

In an announcement made last week, The Farm 51 has confirmed that World War 3 will be available on Steam early access starting next month for $28 USD. In addition, the studio has mentioned that they are planning to conduct the early access for a year, so expect to see a lot of improvements once the game is ready for a full launch.


World War 3 will primarily have two game modes: Recon and Warzone. According to The Farm 51, Warzone will be offering a wide variety of dynamic, intense and team-focused battles. While Recon focuses on a small group fighting for their survival.

There’s still no actual price for the official release of the game, however, the developer has mentioned that fans should expect a price hike once the full game is released. For now, The Farm 51 is giving players a chance to grab a small charge during the early access. As mentioned during their previous interviews, DLC’s of the game will be free of charge.

By Christian West

Gamer, blogger and a co-owner of Game N Guides. I am currently on my journey to craft the best armor and weapon in Monster Hunter World.