YouTube Music Is Now The Default Music Player on All New Android devices

Just before the four-year anniversary of YouTube Music, Google has announced that they are making YouTube Music as the default player on all new Android devices running Android 9 and Android 10.

According to their blog post, Google revealed that YouTube Music will be the pre-installed music player on new Android devices. Having that said, Google Play Music will no longer be available on new devices but users have the option to download the app from the Play Store.

“Google Play Music listeners with new Android 10 devices can continue to enjoy Google Play Music by downloading it from the Play Store and logging in to their accounts.”

YouTube Music App

YouTube Music was released on November 2015 and while it did not hit their expectation, the app received a major update last 2018 which is what you can see in the current app.

YouTube Music app is free but it offers a monthly subscription for just $10. Similar to Spotify, a premium YouTube Music users will also get additional features such as downloadable music, no advertisements, and more.

While Google is doing their best to promote their products, they are still lagging behind against its competitors such as Spotify who is currently the most subscribed music streaming app on Android devices.

By Amber Davis

Amber is a young self-published author with a perchance for writing gaming related contents. When she's not writing or studying she's playing her favorite game Super Mario.