Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Is Now Available On PlayStation VR

Slowly but surely, PlayStation VR is growing its game database, with a new game just been added in the list. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is an exclusive game for PS VR releasing today, October 2.

Compared to some VR games, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission comes from a different perspective. Instead of getting inside the main character, you will be seeing a 360-degree view of the world and control Astro using a controller.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission PSVR

Here’s more about Astro Bot: Rescue Mission that will make you buy the game.

  • Twenty levels and six huge bosses. Play through 20 unique levels, each One populated by deadly traps and enemies
  • Five gadgets in One Controller. Your DualShock 4 Controller becomes the host of a bunch of fun gadgets ranging from a hook Shot used to cross ravines, a water cannon and even deadly Ninja stars!
  • Twenty-six extra challenges. In addition to the main story, you can unlock a further 26 challenge stages that will put your platforming skills to the test