God of War

Atreus Could be a Playable Character in the New God of War Game

Illustrator at Santa Monica Studio indicated that Kratos’ son may become a playable character following the famous exclusive saga.

Kratos’ son may be a playable character in the next title in the PlayStation exclusive franchise. Recent information suggests that the new chapter in the Kratos saga may be inspired by The Last of Us Part II, thus adding another playable protagonist.

The new God of War has already been confirmed by Sony and has even been announced as a 2021 release, but at this point, there are many who already believe in the possibility of the title being postponed.

God of War

Atreus as a Playable Character

Participating in a podcast, Samuel Matthews, illustrator at Santa Monica Studio, left the impression that the developer of God of War may have been inspired by The Last of Us Part II, the great success launched in 2020 by Naughty Dog.

The artist even claimed that the first title in the post-apocalyptic franchise had a big influence on the God of War released in 2018. Thus, Kratos’ new game would follow suit and be inspired by the sequel to Joel and Ellie’s journey.

During the podcast, Samuel Mattheus was asked about the possibility of Atreus becoming the player-controlled character, just as it did for Ellie. The Santa Monica illustrator stated that Atreus offers several possibilities, implying that this is an idea that may actually have been used by the developer.

There’s a lot we can do with the character besides shooting arrows. With Atreus being playable, the protagonists could follow different paths as in The Last of Us. With Kratos’s son, we would have so many effects and abilities that we could change some parts of the mythology. Nordic and shape it so that it stands out with its magical powers.

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