Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero Hotfix #1 (Version 24.15an) Patch Notes

Developer and publisher Jaspel has released the newest update for Backpack Hero. The new update aims to balance some of the in-game gameplay.

Players can now download this new update by simply launching Backpack Hero on Steam. As for the complete changelog, you can find the full details below. This new update has been rolled out earlier today.

Backpack Hero Hotfix 1 Patch Notes


  • Updated translations
  • Now collecting how much damage enemies deal to the player – will help with balance
  • Illusory spaces now appear green – even if an item is in the space
  • You will never see the same enemy encounter twice within a single run
  • You can no longer find the ethereal wand or ethereal staff in Big Mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the text for the whittling knife – displaying 0 energy before
  • Glory Knight now adds rough hide at the start of your turn
  • You can now unlock illusory spaces during level-up even if they contain a manastone
  • The old log now spawns 1 herb only
  • Unfair mode no longer requires bombs away to be complete
  • Fixed a glitch with the brother’s bow
  • Fixed the poison ivy – it now effects the enemy that attacked instead of your current target


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