Update v0.19 Adds New Vehicles and More, Full Patch Notes Here

Developer and publisher BeamNG has rolled out the newest version 0.19 adding new vehicles, renovated maps and vehicles, and overall game optimization.

The new update 0.19 is now available for download. Players who purchased the game on Steam can sit back and relax since it will be updated automatically once you lunch the Steam app. While in other platforms such as Humble Bundle and FastSpring, you need to contact the developer directly. Update v0.19 Patch Notes

Main Highlights

  • Cherrier FCV platform launched with Vivace and Tograc models
  • Small Island renovation with a complete overhaul of the map’s appearance and improved road layout
  • Gavril Roamer, D-Series, and H-Series remaster continues with additional parts, configurations and refinements
  • Ambient sound system improvements for better directionality, sound bank loading logic, and underwater sound ambience
  • Part 1 of the new Driving Dynamics system

Other update details such as vehicle changes, map renovations, traffic features, and more can be found here.

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