Best Nintendo Switch Games That Will Make You Sweat (For Real)

Playing video games is surely fun but getting some real moves to make a great in-game action is much enjoyable. Linking yourself to the main character in the game feels like you’re the one who is really making the actions. ith the release of the new technologies, players are already starting to experience the real-life feeling just like you are inside the game. Some of them are the VR and motion technology.

This year’s hottest game console is the Nintendo Switch. Yep, the Switch offers a wide variety of games that feature the motion technology to actually play the game. These games which include the motion controls effectively can be a way to reunite with your family and friends. If you haven’t experienced one yet, maybe you should try to get and play this game!

Most Physical Nintendo Switch Games

So far, these are the best games that will surely make you sweat in the game. Make sure to check them out!

Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 may not allow you to actually jumping around, but this game offers the motion tech effectively. Aiming your joystick for a punch is so satisfying once you get a hit. Although Splatoon 2 will not be breaking a sweat from your head while you play, we think this game has to earn the spot on our list.


Unlike Splatoon 2, ARMS offers more in-depth of physical activities to control the game motion. With real-world movement for a multitude of in-game effects, the game offers more motion control. Grab your copy and you will surely start twisting, swinging, and grabbing your way to victory.

1-2 Switch

Want to really break your sweat while playing Nintendo Switch? Then 1-2 Switch is the game for you. This game offers a multitude of party games where you can compete for the win. It offers a wide range of actions that you have to break with your partner. Check out the trailer and make sure to grab it.

What Kind of Game Would You Like To Play with Motion Controls?

Is there a certain genre of game that you think would be perfect for the motion technology that we have right now? Let us know in the comment section below.

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