Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 299 Leaked Spoilers Hints Vanica’s Death and Megicula’s True Form

Black Clover Chapter 299 is yet to officially release this weekend. but the spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming chapter have already surfaced online. The first spoilers were spotted on Reddit where manga fans learned some of the unexpected reveals for the next manga chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 299 Spoilers

According to the leaked spoilers, the title of the upcoming Chapter 299 is Death of the Disciple. The chapter will have a total of 11 pages that will be covering the continuation of the fight against Megicula.

The chapter starts with Megicula looking down on Noelle as the magic knight loses her Spirit Dive form. The scene moves to Gadjah after being attacked by Lolopechka. Gadjah incapacitated Lolopechka and headed straight to Vanica. Despite the wound that he received from Lolopechka, Gadjah used her final attack and blew away Megicula and Vanica. However, it seems that his attack does not affect Megicula as we see the spirit guardian of the Heart Kingdom crumbling into pieces. The spoiler also sees a new silhouette of Megicula, which could be the devil’s true form.

Apart from these details, the leaked spoilers also suggest that there will be no delay for the next issue of Black Clover. Let’s see how true these spoilers are once the official Chapter 299 of Black Clover releases on July 11, 2021. Manga fans will be able to read the new chapter on Manga Plus and Viz.