Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 303: Nozel Silva vs Megicula

Yuki Tabata just dropped another epic action with the release of the previous chapter of Black Clover. The fight against Megicula continues and the cliffhanger of Chapter 302 is what thrilled everyone. The arrival of Nozel Silva, Noelle’s older brother, surely boosts the chances of winning against the devil. Will they be able to defeat the overwhelming power of Megicula? Let’s find out in Black Clover Chapter 303.

Black Clover Chapter 303 Release Date

Black Clover is one of the manga series that has been delayed due to the Olympics event in Japan. Now that a new chapter has been officially released, it is safe to assume that the manga has also returned to its regular schedule.

Assuming that everything is back to normal, Black Clover fans should be able to get Black Clover Chapter 303, which is scheduled to be released on August 15, 2021. Unless there are no schedule changes, manga fans can read the upcoming Black Clover manga chapter on the slated release date on Manga Plus by Shueisha and Viz Media.

Black Clover Chapter 302 Recap

The previous Black Clover manga chapter titled “The Convergence of Hope” features the continuation of the fight against Megicula. The manga starts with Asta who has witnessed Noelle’s new transformation. Upon seeing the Noelle’s Saint Stage and Charlotte’s Special Anti-Curse attacks, Rill also showcased his power by dealing with the enemies sent by Megicula.

Luck’s Arrival and Gadja’s Return

The bloodlust of the enemy continues, but the resistance is also getting stronger. With the overwhelming power that Noelle and Rill are facing, it’s fortunate to see the arrival of Luck to support them. At the same time, Gadja also stands up and decides to use her remaining strength to help Noelle reach Megicula.

Using Luck and Gadja’s combined power, they were able to make a way for Noelle’s attack. Noelle was able to reach Megicula, but it seems that her power was still not enough to take down the devil in front of her.

Nozel Silva Arrives

Noelle is now facing another problem when Megicula decides to counterattack her. Thankfully, Nozel Silva arrived on time and used his power to protect Noelle from the incoming attack by the enemy.

Knowing the history of his family and Megicula, Nozel was seen being pumped up as he faced the devil. The manga chapter ends with Nozel revealing how he patiently waits for the time to arrive to fight Megicula and avenge the death of his beloved mother.