Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 319 Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 319 will continue the fight against Lucifero. Asta tried to attack Lucifero while in his Devil Union form along with Liebe, but the highest-ranking devil easily deflected his attacks using his hand. While holding Asta’s sword, the devil was wounded when he slipped his fingers through the edge of the sword, resulting in the devil counter-attacking Asta.

The magical power of Lucifero is surely out of this world as he was able to easily bring down Asta without any sweat. However, the fight against the devil doesn’t end there as the Magic Knights stand together to put their lives on the line just to stop evil.

Manga author Yuki Tabata is also preparing for another hot chapter after we get Chapter 318 of the Black Clover manga. Will Asta and the other Magic Knights be able to stop Lucifero and his power?

What happened in Black Clover Chapter 318?

While Asta was riding his Demon-Slayer Sword, Lucifero suddenly appeared beside him. Liebe asked Lucifero if he remembered him and reminded him that he was the one responsible for Lucita’s death. Lucifero said that he didn’t know what he was talking about and belittled Liebe for not having magic power. Lucifero added that he will not tolerate Liebe’s existence while demonstrating his power that destroys the land. Asta was shocked by Lucifero’s power. On the other hand, Liebe told Asta that he doesn’t want anything more than to defeat Lucifero. Asta got Liebe’s message, and the two merged using their Devil Union. Nacht told Asta not to make any sudden movements, but Asta did not listen and attacked Lucifero.

While Asta approach Lucifero to attack, the other devil was amazed to see that there’s someone who can move within Lucifer’s ability. Asta’s sword was about to hit Lucifero, but the devil was able to stop his sword using his bare hand. Lucifero slides his finger along Asta’s sword, resulting in him being wounded. Upon seeing his own blood, Lucifero got mad and punched Asta. At the same time, the other devil recognized Lucifero’s magic and physical ability despite the incomplete manifestation. While Asta was still on the ground, one of the members of the Black Bull Squad tried to reach Captain Yami.

With all the struggles that Yami went through, he feels that Yami is getting weaker and weaker. Asta tried to get up, but Lucifero’s punch seemed to have taken effect on his body. While struggling to make a move, all the other Magic Knights behind him gathered together to join him in fighting Lucifero.

When is the Black Clover Chapter 319 release date?

Due to the holiday season this year, the Black Clover Chapter 319 release date has been moved to January 9, 2022. Assuming that there will be no more delays, you can read Black Clover Chapter 319 on the slated schedule on Viz and Manga Plus.

Where to read the Black Clover Chapter 319 spoilers?

Usually, you can find the spoilers and even the early scanlation of the Black Clover manga a few days before the scheduled release. We recommend visiting Black Clover’s subreddit group to get the latest update on the manga. Moreover, we will also be giving you another update once the spoilers for the next chapter have been leaked online.

Where to read the official Black Clover Chapter 319?

Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover manga is part of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, also known as WSJ. Apart from the magazine, you can also read the official English-translated chapter of Black Clover Chapter 319 from the official manga distributors such as Viz and Manga Plus.