Blackout Protocol PC Controls and Shortcuts

This guide will show you the complete Blackout Protocol controls and keyboard shortcuts for Windows PC.

Movement and Firing

  • You can move with WASD.
  • Use LEFT CLICK to fire your current weapon.
  • HOLD the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to take an aiming stance.
  • Aiming displays a laser target and allows you to see further in that direction, but how far depends on the weapon.
  • Firing while aiming tightens the spread of your shots, making it more accurate.
  • Aiming also reduces your movement speed and the amount of noise you create, making it harder for enemies to locate you.

Weapon Swapping & Melee

  • You have two weapon slots: primary and secondary. You can switch between them using either the 1 AND 2 KEYS or the SCROLL WHEEL.
  • Use the V KEY to launch a melee attack. Melee attacks deal a small amount of damage but also knock enemies backward slightly.
  • If you have a melee weapon equipped, the melee button will use it by default.
  • Melee weapons have finite durability. Striking a target has a chance to reduce your weapon’s durability. When it runs out, the weapon breaks.


  • Weapons have a finite amount of ammo in every clip.
  • You can use the R KEY to reload.
  • When you run out, attempting to fire will reload automatically. But to be safe, it’s good to get in the habit of reloading whenever you can.
  • Like aiming, reloading reduces your movement speed for a short amount of time. Avoid getting caught in sticky situations with an empty clip!
  • You can cancel a reload mid-animation by rolling, swapping weapons, or initiating a melee attack. Use that to your advantage.


  • Pressing the SPACEBAR while moving will initiate a quick roll, allowing you to dodge attacks and push enemies away from you slightly.
  • Rolling can dodge most attacks, including friendly fire from your fellow Agents.
  • But your roll has a timed cooldown, so use it wisely.

Special Abilities

  • Every Agent has their own Special Ability.
  • You can use the Q KEY to activate your Special.
  • Specials can be enhanced with Passive Abilities, which you can unlock by progressing through the game.

Interacting with Objects

  • Use the E KEY to pick up items or interact with objects.
  • You need to be standing near an object to trigger an interaction prompt. When in doubt, check it out!

Tactical Gear

  • Tactical Gear items provide various effects that differ from standard weapons. There are two types of Tactical Gear: thrown items, and traps.
  • Tactical Gear is acquired during gameplay. You can select it by pressing the 3 KEY.
  • Thrown items can be tossed a long distance with a LEFT CLICK or a short distance with a RIGHT CLICK. Be mindful when throwing items that deal damage, as they can also harm allies… or even yourself!
  • Traps can be placed with either mouse button. They’ll be installed wherever you’re standing, in the direction you’re facing.
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