Blood Bond – Into the Shroud PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

Blood Bond - Into the Shroud

WRKS Games has been on a run since the release of Blood Bond – Into the Shroud. With the overwhelming environment and ambiance of the game, many have already joined Astrid on his journey to save her mother. For players who are also looking forward to discovering this new world, here are the Blood Bond – Into the Shroud controls to help you with your journey.

Blood Bond – Into the Shroud Controls

Be reminded that you can change and modify these default Blood Bond – Into the Shroud keybindings by going to Settings and Bindings options.

Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move RightD
Move LeftA
Toggle WalkLeft Shift (Hold)
Dodge RollLeft Ctrl
Menu and SettingsEsc
Toggle Weapon DamageQ
Toggle WeaponF
Use PotionE
Hunter VisionRight Mouse Button (Quick Press)
AimRight Mouse Button (Hold)
Basic AttackLeft Mouse Button
Spell 11
Spell 22
Spell 3 3
Spell 44
Area MapM
Blood Bond – Into the Shroud Keyboard and Mouse Controls

For players who are using a gamepad controller to play Blood Bond, here are the controls that you can use in the game:

MovementsLeft Stick
CrouchRight Stick
Toggle WalkR3
Menu and SettingsView Button
JournalMenu Button
Toggle Weapon DamageL1
Toggle WeaponL2
Use PotionR1
Hunter VisionL3
AimL3 (Hold)
Basic Attack
Dodge Roll
Spell 1D-Pad Up
Spell 2D-Pad Right
Spell 3D-Pad Down
Spell 4D-Pad Left
Area MapX
Blood Bond – Into the Shroud Gamepad Controls

As you can see in the gamepad controls, there are three unassigned actions. Simply go to the settings section to assign your desired buttons to these actions.

And this is everything that you need to know about the Blood Bond – Into the Shroud controls and shortcuts. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about this guide. Also, please check our Valheim controls guide if you love playing Viking-themed video games.