Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 209 Spoilers

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 209 Spoilers: Bakugo’s Tremendous Power

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 209 spoiler is here and as expected, we’re about to see more of Bakugo’s raging power. Also, it seems like we’re not getting more stuff from Midoriya’s match as this chapter may focus on Bakugo’s performance.

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Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 209 Spoiler

In Chapter 208, we have witnessed a member from Class B gave an advantage to Class A. Now with Chapter 209, we’re about to see a more intense fight between Yosetsu Awase and Bakugo.

While the chapter is not yet out, I can say that the synopsis from the leak is really an all-out match. Bakugo sends a powerful explosion and Deku responds. With Class A and Bakugo’s epic performance, All Might told them that he’s impressed. Meanwhile, Class B become more cautious about Deku after seeing the performance. Also, All For One said that he can hear his brother’s voice. Apart from that, it seems like he can sense Midoriya when he powers up.

That’s all for now folks. We will have to wait and see what happens in the next few chapters.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 209 scans are expected to release on December 7th. However, the official release is on December 10th for this week’s Weekly Shounen Jump Issue.

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