Boo Men Enemy Breakdown and Strategy Guide

A quick description of the different Boo Men, their behavior, and some strategies for navigating around them.


Edith is the old lady whose footsteps you hear in the attic above your room at night. She may be hard of hearing, but if you catch her gaze stalking you from across the dark, just know that she can turn off the lights.

Edith is an elderly lady in a tattered, bloodstained night gown and has a disturbing, maniacal grin below glowing eyes. She is deaf but sees very well. You can run around but be sure to stay out of her line of sight. This includes the glow from your glowstick. She can see that from a long distance away. If you hear quick footsteps, be sure all doors are shut and your light is off until she goes away. She will see if you open or close a door in front of her so be careful. Try to avoid dead ends as she will camp at doorways, watching you, and waiting for the power to go out. She can also turn lights off without a power outage. There is a brief pause when the lights go out before she attacks you though so you can try to run to safety.

Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl is an innocent mind who’s lost control of her possessed body. She is constantly in pain and always crying over her unnatural movements. She may be easy to avoid at first, but never underestimate her in a power outage.

Wearing a bright pajama set and having long, dark hair, the Ghost Girl is one of the easiest of the Boo Men. She always knows roughly where you are and will always be nearby. She will also notice if you open or close doors. However, she is not dangerous until she begins to cry. The best thing to do with her is to run through the level as quickly as possible to collect everything and get out. Once she starts crying (usually with the first power outage unless you play on insane difficulty) she will be hunting you. Staying in the light is your only safety at that point.


The Scav is a half-man, half-dog-like creature that walks upright and runs fast. He is completely blind but has excellent hearing. Don’t move around too much if you can hear something breathing nearby…

The Scavenger is the opposite of Edith. He is tall and looks like a werewolf with mange. He can hear exceptionally well but is blind. Sneak through the entire level, avoid staying in doorways or narrow areas where he can run into you, and completely stop moving if you hear heavy breathing or growling. You can have your light on though as he can’t see it. However, opening and closing doors will make noise so be careful. If you move even the tiniest amount when he is actively listening (whenever he stops moving and is stretching/looking around), he will roar and run right at you. You can usually kiss your thieving career goodbye at that point.


The Troll has a loud and obvious presence. Its groundbreaking stomps and heavy footsteps make it easy to detect. Stay out of its way and you will be safe, but using your glowstick will provoke something you cannot outrun…

The Troll is a large but somewhat indifferent being. However, he hates your glowstick with a passion. Otherwise, he doesn’t care about you being there at all. You can run around and make as much noise as you wish. Avoid staying in narrow passages and doorways though. As long as you don’t use your glowstick and you don’t get too close to him, he will ignore you and you will be safe. His heavy, screen-shaking footsteps make him easy to track. Be warned though, he will move fast and come right to you if you use your glowstick. Even a quick blink can draw him straight to you. Learn the layout of the map using light switches as guides and make sure you know where the breaker switch for the generator is. He seems to cause a lot of power outages.

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