Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto Fans Welcomes Daemon, the Newest Overpowered Enemy in the Series

Prior to this, all of the Kara members in Boruto were extremely powerful. Even the Kage of other villages, let alone Jigen, would have a difficult time defeating Delta or Boro.

This has progressed to a new stage. Many of the original Kara members are no longer alive. If there is a new adversary, this adversary should be even more powerful. We’ve already met Eida, whose power potential was terrifying, and now we’re up against another potentially overpowered foe.

Deamon Threatens the Ninja World

Daemon is the newest character that has been added in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series. Daemon is the little brother of Eida, who is also powerful.

Daemon’s Abilities and Powers

Eida admits in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 59 that his fighting ability is poor. He can only use basic taijutsu. Eida let go of one more person she claimed was her other knight as protection in case she was threatened by enemies such as Kawaki and Boruto. That person’s name was Daemon, and he was Eida’s younger brother. But how powerful is Daemon?

Daemon easily bounced an enemy’s attack back to his opponent in Chapter 59. If the enemy’s intent is to kill, the attack will be aimed at injuring the attacker. There were people who wanted to behead Daemon on one occasion. He was beheaded as he was about to draw the sword from the scabbard.

The stronger the enemy’s desire to kill Daemon, according to Eida, the more severe the effect of this attack’s reflection. As Eida stated, if any enemy simply imagined killing Daemon, the end result of their action potential would affect that enemy. That appears to be what happened to the swordsman who decapitated himself unexpectedly.

Eida Hesitates to Let Go of Daemon

What’s unusual is that, despite Daemon’s strength, Eida is reluctant to release him. When Code brought up the subject of why Boruto and Kawaki couldn’t be charmed by Eida, and Code mentioned that it could be a problem for him and Eida, Eida decided to let Daemon go.

It is unknown why Eida was hesitant to let go of her own brother. But keep in mind that Eida stated that Daemon was actually his brother. That means Daemon is one of the people who are immune to Eida’s power.

It would be interesting if someone could exploit this and cause Daemon to attack Eida. Perhaps with Genjutsu?

How to Defeat Daemon

If just imagining how to kill Daemon can make the attacker feel the impact, Daemon’s power really feels overpowered. Of course, for the time being, it is unknown how to deal with Daemon’s power.

Daemons, I believe, can be defeated by people who can attack without killing intent. Either that, or he could be attacked by an enemy who is so powerful that even if their attacks were reversed, they would still be able to defend. Otsutsuki, for example. Boruto and Kawaki, by the way, have begun to develop into the true Otsutsuki.