Catching Legendaries In Pokemon GO Is Harder When Using iPhone X

The iPhone X is unreasonably amazing. However, this is a different story for Pokemon GO fans. As reported, the new button-less iPhone is giving Pokemon GO players a headache.

Because of this new and slick iPhone X screen, Niantic also changed the way the Pokemon is zoomed in the game. A Pokemon player from Reddit shared a screenshot showing the difference between the normal smartphone from the iPhone X.

Can you spot the difference? Yes, the circle on the iPhone X is much bigger than a normal smartphone. Just like what the report said, trainers are having trouble, especially when catching a Pokemon.

The issue here is by the zooming in on the Pokemon where players can’t loop or make a good curveball throw because of the size of the catchable area large. As we all know, curveball throw and proper timing will increase the catch rate of any Pokemon.

This problem has not been spotted recently, but with the release of Kyogre, which is really hard to catch, trainers are losing lots of chances to catch the Legendary because of the zooming issue on iPhone X. Some trainers suggested that turning on the AR mode will help, but unfortunately, AR mode is far worse and less reliable to catch and have a good hit with a Pokemon.

As of this moment, there is no solution for this issue on iPhone X. Interestingly, it seems like Pokemon GO is not the only game affected by the iPhone X’s button-less screen. Well, Apple really doesn’t care about the game’s issue because it’s the job of the game developer to make it compatible.