Infamous Hacker CODEX Cracked Jump Force Just Before Its Official Release

Remember when the popular group of hacker cracked the Denuvo protected Resident Evil 2 Remake earlier this month? Well, they’re back again cracking the latest game Jump Force.

Jump Force is the newest crossover fighting game by Bandai Namco and is set to officially release in the next few days. While its official launch date is yet to come, the famous group of hacker, CODEX, has managed to release a cracked version of Jump Force.

If you’re curious how team CODEX managed to release a cracked version despite Jump Force is not yet officially released, it’s because Bandai Namco has allowed fans who pre-ordered the game to gain early access to the game. Obviously, the team has pre-ordered the game on Steam and immediately managed to bypass the security protection of Jump Force.

Jump Force Pre-Order Bonuses
Jump Force Pre-Order Bonuses

Jump Force comes with three game editions – Jump Force Normal Edition (the game itself), Digital Deluxe Edition, and Ultimate Edition. Pre-ordering each edition comes with different in-game bonuses such as 9 additional characters and costumes and 4 days early access to the game.

Piracy is one of the headaches that many video game developers have been facing since then. Throughout the year, these companies are also developing advanced game protection for their games but unfortunately, these hackers are able to bypass their securities.

While Jump Force has already been cracked, we strongly encourage fans to purchase the game from the developer. This will not only help the development team but also help the gaming community to become a better place. Also, please do note that we do not support any kind of piracy and this article was created for information purposes only.