Colt Canyon Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Retrific and publisher Headup Games have released the official Colt Canyon achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Colt Canyon, players will be collecting 40 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. 11 out of 40 are hidden achievements in this game. Check out the full Colt Canyon achievements for Xbox One.

Colt Canyon Achievements

First BossDefeat the first boss.20
Second Boss (Hidden)Defeat the second boss.50
Final Boss (Hidden)Defeat the final boss.100
We Did It!Rescue your partner and complete the game.100
Freedom FighterRescue one prisoner.10
Freedom WarriorRescue 10 prisoners.20
Freedom HeroRescue 100 prisoners.30
BeastDefeat the bear using nothing but melee attacks.20
Not Like This!Survive an ambush.10
Lock-PickerUnlock a locked crate.10
Oops..Kill more than 5 enemies with one dynamite.10
Lonely Are The BraveKill all enemies in a level.20
Death By Fire (Hidden)Die from fire10
Death By Poison (Hidden)Die from poison.10
Death By Explosion (Hidden)Die from explosion.10
Death By Inattention (Hidden)Die from a trap.10
Death By A Barbarous Monster (Hidden)Die from getting kicked by a horse.10
Two Brothers, One DeathFind yourself a companion.10
Five Man ArmyHave 5 or more companions at once.10
Bullets Don't ArgueKill 1.000 enemies in total.20
Shadow WalkerReach your partner without being spotted by any enemies outside of boss fights or ambushes.30
No Time For DyingRevive a companion or player.10
Good ShotKill more than one enemy with a single projectile.20
Blood RushKill more than 500 enemies in a single run.20
Dancing With Wolves (Hidden)Get hunted by wolves.10
PistoleroKill the first boss with just pistol-ammo weapon and no upgrades.20
InvincibleReach the second area without having taken any damage.20
Catch This!Kill all enemies in a level using only throwable weapons.20
Caught (Hidden)Let the bear step on a bear trap.10
I Do Not Forgive… I Kill! (Hidden)Defeat the slaver without hurting any slave.10
Why Make It Easy? (Hidden)Kill the final boss without the use of explosives.10
Welcome To Hard TimesStart a Loop Run.30
OG SquadRescue your partner with all 4 base characters.40
NinjaTake out 15 enemies in a row with melee stealth kills without being spotted.20
I'm good, thanksRescue your partner without having any upgrades applied.30
Too LazyDefeat the bear without using any dodge rolls.30
Can't touch this!Rescue your partner without ever using a melee attack.30
SpeedrunReach the bandit boss in under 20 minutes.30
Lucky 7Have 7 additional hearts.20
The SpecialistRescue your partner in a looped run.100

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