CrossCode Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Radical Fish Games has released the official CrossCode trophy list and guides for Xbox One.

In CrossCode, players will be collecting 20 achievements worth 1000 Gamerscore. There is no secret or hidden achievements that can be found in CrossCode. Check out the full CrossCode achievements for Xbox One below.

CrossCode Achievements

Chapter 1 CompleteComplete Chappter 150
Chapter 2 CompleteComplete Chappter 225
Chapter 3 CompleteComplete Chappter 325
Chapter 4 CompleteComplete Chappter 425
Chapter 5 CompleteComplete Chappter 525
Chapter 6 CompleteComplete Chappter 625
Chapter 7 CompleteComplete Chappter 725
Chapter 8 CompleteComplete Chappter 825
Chapter 9 CompleteComplete Chappter 950
Chapter 10 CompleteComplete Chappter 10100
ONE PUNCH!Deal 50,000 Damage with a single hit. A punch that echoed throughout history.50
The bigger they are...Defeat the X01 Driller H.F.S. in the Temple Mine45
Kill it with Fire!Defeat Master Magmoth in the Faj'ro Temple.50
The TricksterDefeat Hologram Frobbit in Autumn's Fall.50
Playing with FireAcquire the Heat Element. It's getting hot in here.25
Feeling Ice-solatedAcquire the Cold Element. Can anyone else not feel their fingers?25
Lightning ReturnsAcquire the Shock Element. This is Shocking!25
What is that anyway?Acquire the Wave Element. Groovy.25
The ExperienceDefeat the Designer in Vermillion Tower.150
The Ultimate ExperienceDefeat The Creator in the Vermillion Tower.150

If you think we made a mistake on the listed CrossCode achievements above, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

By Earl Stewart

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